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Emirates Conveyancing Services


We offer conveyance services to developers across the Dubai,UAE, allowing them to outsource the non-income producing tasks to a professional service company that has already helped other developers trim their expenses while increasing their collections and handovers. Keep your valuable resources, time and skills focused on your real business.

We assist with contract management, payment collections, structured payment plans and the legal processes involved in the registration, consolidation and termination of non-performing sales contracts.

Our services can save you significant expenses and free you up from the compliance aspects of property delivery and hand-over. 

  • Pre-register properties and pre-sales
  • Contact buyers, provide final statement of account
  • Facilitate the collection of stage-payments, service charges and NOC
  • Negotiate consolidations under direction of the Developer
  • Handle legal termination of non-performing sales contracts with land registry
  • Lodge title registration and transfer of title to purchasers
  • Sub Division and Data Upload
  • Interim, Oqood and DSR Registrations and Cancellations
  • Registration of Mortgages/ Finance Charges
  • Application and collection of affection maps
  • Assisting with customer complaints submitted to Dubai Land Department
  • Consolidations, Terminations, Settlement Agreements and De-registrations
  • Strata/Subdivision of Units on the Interim Real Estate Registry
  • Registration of individual ownership of units on the Interim Real Estate Registry
  • Registration of finance mortgage charges on individual units where applicable
  • Access to DLD/RERA software platforms available to Developers as provided

Dubai Land Department

We recognize the difficulties developers sellers and buyers can face when dealing with the Dubai Land Department.

Therefore we offer our experience that means all of your registration requirements or any other DLD inquiries will be handled quickly, cost-effectively and will be fully compliant with all rules and regulations.

  • Developer and Project Registration
  • Off-plan Sale and Re-sale Registration
  • Land Department Consulting or Assistance

Emirates Conveyancing - Dubai Conveyancing Services

Handover Management

A smooth and quick building hand over is essential to maximize the developer’s cash-flow and profit. We avail you through this complex and time-consuming process which requires technical knowledge and expertise, allowing you to focus on your main core activities.

Developer to end-user Handover

Introducing a dedicated, single-purpose service provider to be the intermediary can improve client’s responsiveness to communication.

A quick and effective transfer of sold properties to your clients is essential; this process requires full dedication and includes the following services:

  • Collection of outstanding final payments
  • Service charge management
  • Sinking Fund
  • Collecting from the developer SPA and buyers’ passport copies
  • Building Budgeting
  • Termination of non-performing contracts
  • Building handover from Developer to Owner Association
  • Welcome kit to all landlords including guidelines: utility connections, building rules and restrictions, etc.

Resale NOC Processing

This special service offered to Developers, saving you the hassle of applicant meetings, document collections, verifications and follow ups with community managers, facility providers and mortgage providers: to ensure that the unit in question is applicable for resale with no issues arising in the future affecting the Developer.

For further information contact:

Mahmoud Darwish
Head of Conveyancing