• Owners Association Registration By Place Community Managers

    The wind of change is in the air as owners start taking control of their buildings.  With the introduction of the directions relating to the Jointly Owned Property Law, developers are now obliged to form Owners Associations for their buildings and the owners cannot wait to get involved. But where to start?

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  • Dubai Real Estate Frequent Q&a By Dubizzle

    ”The Know Your Rights initiative is in place to help drive legal transparency on the property law in both Dubai and Abu Dhabi. We wish to empower people to better understand their rights and protect themselves from any form of unfair practice.”

    Ann Boothello, Property Product Marketing Manager at dubizzle.

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  • Owners Association Management By Mansions

    Owners Association (OA) concept has been adopted and implemented in many countries around the World and is known in Dubai as Jointly Owned Property (JOP) Law that was first developed in 2007 under Law Number 27. 

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  • Dubai Financial Market Performance By Daman Securities

    This article sheds light on the performance of capital markets’ constituent sectors as well as their exceptional performance witnessed by the end of the year 2013. The Dubai Financial Market General Index closed at high for 2013, up over 68%, thus topping the list of the best performing markets in the Middle East. Moreover, the total trading volume of the year surpassed that of the past three years collectively, with the market value for locally listed companies’ shares reached around Dhs 464 billion, securing a 70.45% increase.

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