Rental Disputes Center enhances its judicial and execution ecosystem with smart e-services

  • Sultan Lootah:  The new services contribute to the transition from traditional work to smart ecosystems, as well as saves time, effort and operational costs
  • New e-services: linking RDC’s e-system to Dubai Police’s system, electronic enquiries, performing automatic disbursements, appointing experts via the electronic system, updating data automatically, and requesting instalments.
Dubai, UAE, 13 July 2022: The Rental Disputes Center (RDC), the judicial arm of Dubai Land Department, launched a set of new e-services for the management of the Execution of Judgments Department to continuously develop executive procedures and measure performances through innovative tools and contemporary smart systems, that contribute to improving and enhancing work mechanisms, which positively reflects on the convenience and happiness of customers and reduces the time for completion and closing of files.
The new e-services include linking RDC’s e-system to Dubai Police’s system, electronic enquiries, performing automatic disbursements, appointing experts via the electronic system, updating data automatically, and requesting instalments.
Sultan Lootah, Director of Department Senior - Execution of Judgments Department at RDC, said: “At the department, we are keen to keep pace with the directives of the Dubai government towards digital transformation through a series of innovative e-services that enabled the Execution Department to achieve success. The process of transitioning from traditional work to smart and e-systems enhanced the speed and ease of procedures and eliminated paper transactions.”

Lootah added: “The RDC’s advanced electronic infrastructure helped us accelerate efficient and effective development, which was reflected in the resolution of rental disputes according to a smart and innovative judicial system, characterised by speed and accuracy and sustainability in the provision of services. With advanced services, most of the implementation procedures will be electronic/smart, enhancing the performance of our human cadres, whose role will be limited to supervision and follow-up of the system to ensure effective workflow.”
Link to Dubai Police system and e-inquiry
Regarding the service of linking RDC’s system to Dubai Police’s system, the previous mechanism related to circulars issued against individuals, including seizures and fetch and travel bans, was dispensed with. It was initiated through the center and shared with the investigation officer at Dubai Police, which required a long time due to its manual implementation. With the launch of the new connection service, decisions or circulars can now be issued electronically and linked directly to Dubai Police’s system.
As for the smart query service, the process of enquiring about the property of people against whom decisions are executed electronically was linked and integrated with the relevant government agencies, which include Dubai Land Department (DLD), the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), Dubai Economy and Tourism Department (DET), and banks represented by the Central Bank. This comes in response to the fact that the service is required to address all government entities and banks in the country, which takes a lot of time and effort.
Automatic exchange and appointment of an expert
The automatic disbursement service is now taking place quickly and in a short time. When the amount is deposited, the system automatically transfers it to the account of the requester instead of the previous procedures that required an employee to see the amount deposited by the person in the Rental Disputes Center system rental, followed by the execution requester submitting a request for disbursement, which, again, requires an employee to manually verify the bank account data when each instalment is due. This automatic update of data also allows the electronic system to send a message to the requester to update their data in the event that the transfer was initiated after the account had been closed or changed. This would allow for the cancellation of the transfer and for the person concerned to update their account information on the system.
In turn, when there are holdings that are difficult to assess by transferring files directly to the electronic system, a relevant expert will be automatically appointed through the list of available experts, which shortened the process from three weeks to one day. Following the procedures, the execution officer would write an eviction report, submit a request, and present the holdings to the execution judge to obtain a decision to transfer the file to the competent expert in this regard.
Automatic data update and instalment request
As for the instalment request service, it made it possible for the e-system to make scheduling and payment plans, in addition to implementing the judge’s decision electronically, as the system automatically implements the decision of the execution judge to schedule the payment plan without human intervention, also allowing for the possibility of more than one payment plan according to the ruling issued, with the ability to update requests and partial payment of amounts and payments through the electronic channels available through the site. This procedure replaced the system that required, after the issuance of the decision, that an employee develop a payment plan and schedule the debt.
Thus, the Rental Disputes Center in Dubai continues to enhance its smart procedures and services to provide a judicial ecosystem competent to consider disputes and adopt a fast and simplified mechanism to achieve stability for the real estate rental sector and ultimately support sustainable development in the real estate sector and Dubai generally.


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