RERA Fines Real Estate Brokerage Office AED 50,000 for Cold Calling, Suspends Nine Brokers

The Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA) at Dubai Land Department (DLD) has suspended nine real estate brokers from practicing their work for three months, while their real estate brokerage office has been fined AED 50,000, for cold calling and direct telemarketing.

RERA is keen on providing a safe real estate environment for investors and customers without the inconvenience of spam or malicious calls, made by real estate brokerage offices to market or promote their services. Earlier, RERA revealed the 'Green List' service on the Dubai REST application, which includes the service of reporting malicious calls. This contributes to eliminating unwanted communication from real estate brokers and ensuring effective communication only when required. The service also helps reduce real estate violations related to direct marketing and opens additional channels for real estate companies, which ultimately leads to an increase in the rate of sales and rental of vacant properties, to serve both the owner and the tenant.

RERA calls on real estate investors, property owners, and the general public to report any unsolicited promotional calls received from real estate companies operating in Dubai, by logging into Dubai REST and choosing the 'Report Malicious Calls' service.
RERA had also previously warned the concerned companies against harassing customers with direct contact and promoting properties, and that it would take all legal measures against any company that did not comply with this warning. Non-compliant companies will be subject to a fine of AED 50,000, and/or suspension of the broker's card for a period of no less than three months. Real estate companies must commit to using official marketing channels, after obtaining an official permit from RERA for marketing their offerings.


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