Frequent questions by landlords

QWhat is Property Management?

AThe whole process from the snagging on receiving the property, pre move in inspection, cleaning, snag rectification, lease, follow on default payment, handling tenant issues throughout the year until the end of tenancy is referred to as Property management.

QWhat information and documentation is required?

A Following below documents:

  • Title deed copy
  • Owners Passport Copy (with signature)


QHow much does landscaping cost?

AThe cost depends on the nature of the landscaping and the area that would need to be landscaped. We would arrange for an inspection by the service providers and provide you with an estimate.

QCan you collect the keys on my behalf?

AYes with a No Objection Certificate issued by the landlord to the developer.

QIf the tenant has a maintenance problem or problem with another tenant, whom do they contact?

AIf under DLP (defect Liability period the tenant will directly call the building management, otherwise they will need to contact their assigned Property management Coordinator.

QDoes the tenant have my contact details?

ANo, Landlords contact details are not passed on to the tenant.

QDo I need to sign a new property management contract and Power of Authority every time I get a new tenant? Or if I leave the property vacant for a too long?

ANo, the property management contract that is signed between property and the landlord is automatically renewed annually unless either party wishes to terminate the contract

QWhat if I want to sell my property but the tenant wants to stay?

ASale of a tenanted property is possible, however the owner will need to honor the tenancy contract until is expiry. As per current RERA law, a landlord is required to give their tenant a minimum notice of 1 year (12 months) to vacate the property.

QIf I decide to sell my property, would you take care of the sale for me?

AYes Roots has a dedicated team of sales professionals who can advise and assist you in the sale of your property.

QIf I am unhappy with the tenant, can I evict them?

ANo, a tenant can only be evicted if they fail to comply with the terms and conditions laid down in their tenancy contract.

QIf I am not happy with the condition of my property before handover, can I request the developer to do extra work?

AThe developer can be requested to complete any pending or unsatisfied work on their property within the DLP (defect liability period).

QDo I have to pay for Property repairs?

AEither paid by you after approval of the quotation or we could deduct from your deposit.

QWho hold the tenant security deposit?

AWe hold the deposit and at the end of tenancy it is returned to the tenant after deduction in any case. We receive the rental cheques on your behalf and bank them on the mentioned dates.

QCan you help me with administrative and payment collection?

AYes we run all the admin work for your property and are sure that due’s collected and sent to you on time.

QCan you help me with the current status and maintenance of my property?

AYes, we will be able to monitor your property with our tenant screening by signing up to our ““Roots Gold “package we will be able to run annual check up’s for your investment property.

QIn case of emergency situation, will you be able to assist my tenant and act right away?

AYes, it is covered if you have signed to “Roots Platinum “Package.

QShould I cancel my utilities after I move out?

AIn order to register the new tenant you will need to close all your utility accounts however we are here to help. Under our property management umbrella we will assist you with this service as well.