Frequents Questions By Tenants

QWhat do I do if Iam interested in a property?

AYou can secure your interest by paying a non refundable booking deposit.

QHow much is the Security deposit?

AIt generally is 5% of the total rental value and varies for furnished properties based on discretion of the Landlord.

QHow do I secure my lease?

AThe following will be required for preparing a Tenancy Contract /Ejari contract.

  1. Valid Passport copy
  2. Residency Visa copy
  3. Security Deposit
  4. Emergency contact sheet Rent cheque/ cheques in advance in the name of the landlord.
  5. Service fee in favor of Roots Land Real Estate

*If Visa is under process, in addition to the above we require a letter from your company confirming the same.

QWhat is the Tenancy Contract is in the name of the company?

AThe following will be required for preparing a Tenancy Contract 1. Company’s trade license 2. Occupants passport and residency visa 3. Security deposit 4. Emergency contact sheet 5. Rent cheque/ cheques in advance in the name of the landlord. 6. Service fee in favor of Roots Land Real Estate.

QCan my landlord increase my rent in the following year?

AIncrease is subject to the prevailing Municipal laws . Please contact us to check on the current conditions.

QHow do I Connect DEWA?

AYou will have to visit one of the DEWA locations / activate online with the below documents 1. Site affection plan / title deed 2. Original tenancy contract 3. Passport copy with valid visa page 4. In case the contract is signed by a Power of attorney, a copy of PoA, along with the signatories passport copy. 5. Activation deposit : villa / house AED 2,000/- & Flat = AED 1,000/-

QWhat is minor maintenance?

AAny maintenance which is below AED 150/- comes under minor maintenance and is the responsibility of the tenant and above is the responsibility of the Landlord.

QWhat is Housing fee?

AThis is normally 5% of annual rent and is shown separately on your electricity bill.

QWhat in case of a major maintenance problem?

ANot under Roots land Management : After receiving the keys of the property from agent any maintenance problem should be reported to the landlord or his representative directly. Under Roots land Management : send an email to

QCan I make minor changes to the structure of the property?

ATenants are not allowed to make changes without written permission from the landlord.

QCan I paint the apartment as per my requirement ?

AYes you can but only after the approval of the landlord and provided the apartment is handed back in similar condition as of receiving / tenant agrees to pay to restore the apartment to its previous condition.

QWhat if I want to break my lease?

AYou have to give a written notice to Roots land and further to the clause in the tenancy agreement a penalty of 2 months’ rent is applicable.