Tenants Responsabilities

To preserve the premises - Leases usually include a limited covenant to repair for the tenants and this essentially equates to refraining from committing waste. When tenant moves from the premises, if they want to get their security deposit returned , the premises is to be returned to the landlord in the same condition to was in when they moved in.

Pay Rent - Ensure adequate amount is deposited in the bank before the due date of the rent cheques.

Drying of Clothes - There is a ban in the UAE for drying of clothes on balconies and placing satellite dishes in windows.

  • Keep a copy of your lease along with all correspondences with your landlord.
  • Throw out the trash in a reasonable and safe manner.
  • Use all fixtures and appliances in a reasonable and safe manner.
  • Do not damage the apartment. Do not disturb your neighbors.
  • Make sure family members and guests act appropriately.
  • Obey all the lawful provisions of your lease.
  • Do not engage in illegal activity on the premises as this allows the landlord to terminate your lease.

Sublet - the tenant cannot sublet his/her interest in a tenancy agreement. If the tenant does the same the landlord may serve a month notice to end the tenancy.

Pets - Pets are generally not allowed in most of the buildings in the UAE , however tenant has to check with the Building management rules and also inform the Landlord of the same.