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Abu Dhabi Real Estate Market Overview

The following articles provide insight in to the Abu Dhabi property market; the latest trends, rules and regulations, activity and news, which we have presented through statistics, graphs, reports as well as articles; data and information. The material has all been carefully collected and analyzed by Roots Land’s research team and trustworthy third-parties, active in the Emirate, to provide you with unbiased and accurate information.

Abu Dhabi Real Estate Market Outlook For 2014/2015 - Asteco

Double digit sales growth for Abu Dhabi real estate market for 2014, with stable outlook for 2015.

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Abu Dhabi Residential Property Figures – Reidin

Abu Dhabi residential price change, price index vs. gold price vs. oil price, UAE rental yields and price to rent ratios.

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UAE Real Estate Market Highlights Q2 2014 By Asteco

Asteco latest real estate market report by John Stevens, Managing Director. The second quarter of this year saw a continuation of the slowdown in Q1 2014 residential sales performance for Dubai with the market witnessing marginal growth, up 6% and 3% respectively for apartments and villas in Q2 2014.

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Abu Dhabi Residential Price Index By Reidin – Q1 2014

Abu Dhabi Dubai residential sales and rental price Indices as well as annual percentage change in Dubai sales price index calculated and presented by Reidin.

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