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Arabian Ranches Villas Demand & Selling Prices Q1 2016

Arabian Ranches villas transactions indicates a positive increase in the average sales rate but only in the third quarter of 2015, after having a whole year of downhill rates in Dubai. Even in the last quarter the prices were lowering again. The volume of transactions on the other hand declined in the last two quarters of the year, although the demand is still higher than what was witnessed in 2014 for Arabian Ranches, Dubai. Slowdowns during the summer seasons are common in the country as majority of expats benefit from these hot months to take their annual leave.

Arabian ranches is a residential community developed by Emaar with thousands of variaty of villas such as townhouses, villas or luxurious houses . Arabian ranches offers ultra luxury entertainment for residents such as golf clubs or polo homes. Open spaces, bicycle trails and walkways are just some of the key features of Arabian Ranches. The Arabian Ranches area has wonderful views influenced by the green color that dominates.

Arabian Ranches Villas Demand and Prices

Arabian Ranches (high end) Sales Transactions