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Dubai Marina & JBR Apartments Demand and Prices — Q1 2016

We had a continuous decrease in price rates for the apartments in Dubai Marina and JBR from Q4 2014 to Q2 of 2015. Due to the decrease in prices it seems that a small increase happened in sales transactions in the first two quarters of the year, however the demand has fallen until the third quarter of 2015. The sales rate has remained stable since Q2 until the last quarter of the year, even though the demand started to slowly rose in the Q4 of 2015 (see figure 2). As a result after the big price correction, the volume of transactions has started to slowly increase in the last quarter of the year. This action indicates that some end users buyers have seen the correction of the prices as a good opportunity to buy apartments in Dubai Marina and JBR, instead of paying rent.

Dubai Marina is a beautiful residential community surrounded by many luxurious entertainment such as restaurants, beaches, yacht clubs, hotels etc. Dubai Marina is still one of the favorite destinations in Dubai by tourist or tenants. Offering wide range of luxurious apartments with amazing views and lifestyle.

JBR is a beach residential community surrounded by wonderful sand and beach , famous with 'The Walk' and 'The Beach' Mall. The JBR area is ideal for tourist who loves having a hot day at the beach. It provides a variety of restaurants with many different cuisines, hotels, furnished apartments etc. 

Dubai Marina & JBR Apartments Demand and Prices

Dubai Marina & JBR Sales Transactions