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Jumeirah Islands Villas Demand & Selling Prices — Q1 2016

The first and third quarter of 2015 had a very low demand of villas for Jumeirah Island, with a steady decrease of the sale prices. Second and last quarter seemed to register a lot more transactions of the villas than the rest of 2015. The big gap in between the sale price and sale transaction from Q4 2014 highlights the lack of supply at the particular period and therefore an increase in the sale price. Investors and end users have taken advantage of the decrease in the prices and therefore the demand in Jumeirah Island has gone up. 

The various villas in this area are inspired by five different themes: European, Oasis, Islamic, Tropical, Mediterranean and Contemporary.

Jumeirah Island is a residential community providing many wonderful picturesque views. Jumeirah Island has an unique architecture and offers an ideal environment to relax and to enjoy the sound of waterfalls and views of waterways. 

Jumeirah Islands Villas Demand and Prices

Jumeirah Islands Sales Transactions