Conveyancing Dubai Services

In response to the challenges of the real estate market, Roots Conveyance offers transparent, safe, neutral and guaranteed ways to facilitate the transfer of ownership and offers protection to the buyer, seller, landlord and tenant. Issues relating to legal ownership, authority to enter into contract, registration of deed, financial disclosures and availability of documents in time for resale are all resolved when using the Company’s Roots Conveyance Services.

Dubai Land Department Services

Roots Conveyance recognises the difficulties owners can face when dealing with the Dubai Land Department. Therefore we offer our experience that means all of your registration requirements will be handled quickly, cost-effectively and will be fully compliant with all rules and regulations.

  • Developer and Project registration
  • Off-plan sale and re-sale registration
  • Land Department consulting or assistance

Services Supplied

  • Pre-register properties and pre-sales of individual properties
  • Contact buyers, provide final statement of account
  • Facilitate the collection of stage-payments, service charges and NOC
  • Negotiate consolidations under direction of the Developer
  • Handle legal termination of non-performing sales contracts with Land Registry
  • Lodge title registration and transfer of title to Purchasers
  • Sub Division and Data Upload
  • Interim, Oqood and DSR Registrations and Cancellations
  • Registration of Mortgages/ Finance Charges
  • Application and collection of affection maps
  • Assisting with customer complaints submitted to Dubai Land Department
  • Consolidations, Terminations, Settlement Agreements and De-registrations
  • Strata/Subdivision of Units on the Interim Real Estate Registry
  • Registration of individual ownership of units on the Interim Real Estate Registry
  • Registration of finance/mortgage charges on individual units where applicable
  • Access to DLD/RERA software platforms available to Developers as provided

Handover Management Services

Handing over your sold properties to your customers quickly and effectively is essential to any developer's cash-flow and profits.

Introducing a dedicated, single-purpose service provider to be the intermediary can improve customer's responsiveness to communication, give them a fresh channel of communication and importantly, free the developer from the time-consuming tasks associated with good customer service, even the most challenging client.

  • Termination of non-performing contracts
  • Creation/transfer of title to paid-up buyers
  • Building handover from Developer to Owner Association