Our Clients

Our greatest strength lies in our distinguished client relationships and the fact that we deal directly and exclusively with property owners and landlords, gives us the edge over competition and we are able to pass this benefit on to our clients

The Seeds of Success – Our People

Our staff comprises of highly qualified and experienced individuals who pride themselves on their personal, professional and caring attitude, and their knowledge of property market. We have created an exceptional organization by bringing together a vastly experienced staff whose combined expertise and clients throughout the area appreciate knowledge of the property market. We fully understand that buying any property can be a time-consuming and difficult process, so when you have made the decision to purchase your home with the help of our company, we then carefully guide you through all the legal and financial procedures. Whether buying or selling a property, requiring a mortgage or financial advice, planning to relocate the family, expanding your real estate investment portfolio, starting a commercial enterprise or preparing to retire, Roots Land Real Estate’s staff is always ready to help you with a smile.

The Best of Both Worlds

Despite our state of the art technology and resources at hand we never forget that although information technology is changing our world and our business, we are primarily about people. The people within our company and the people we serve both buyers and sellers alike. We pride ourselves on providing a blend of personalized individual service with modern technology for our clients and a rewarding work environment for our staff. Combining traditional values with leading edge technology via a strategically placed office, Roots Land Real Estate offers a comprehensive and effective service, whatever your property related needs.

Fruit of Our Labor – Our Treasured Clients

Our clients are at the forefront of every decision we make and that is the reason our offices are strategically located in the heart of Dubai so that we are easily accessible. This makes communication with our clients timely and effective. Our management systems facilitate our daily duties and workflow, minimizing routine and time wastage, thus maximizing comfort, innovation and productivity. Our client base comprises of individual clients looking for homes, investors and speculators both buyers and sellers as well as property funds.

Moving The Earth to Get You a Piece of Heaven

Our contacts, database, intellectual capital and a whole host of tailored features and technology resources make us ideal for both the buyer and seller. Our strengths help us to market every home better, and our market research undoubtedly helps buyers too, by assisting their search for the right property more efficiently and more quickly. Combine that with our expert knowledge of the market, superior analytical, market research and client service tools, you have a virtuoso in your corner helping you make all the right decisions.