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Over the past decade, our property management and facility management divisions in Dubai has grown exponentially, mainly by word-of-mouth referrals from our satisfied clients. The trust our clients put in us time and again is something we are very proud of.

As property professionals, we know through experience that real estate investors have four major concerns:

  • To maximize rent income

  • Timely rent collection

  • Proper reporting and accountability

  • Reliable property maintenance

We Provide professional property management service for both commercial and residential landlords. And whether you have one unit or multiple units for rent, or an entire building, Our Property Management team will provide you with a personalized service tailored to suit your specific needs and requirements.

Our comprehensive range of real estate management services and benefits include

  • Creative Marketing and Advertising Via our website, social media platforms and network of industry peers, our team works to ensure your vacant properties are rented quickly. We have an occupancy rate running at an average of 96.8 per cent and a market reputation of putting our landlords and tenants first.

  • Tennant Screening Our Property Manager identify high-quality individuals who will stay longer and take care of your property.

  • Rent Collection At Roots Land we have spent a significant amount of resources ensuring we have state-of-the art IT and operations systems. We have an automated rent collection and disbursement system that takes care of the property’s revenue flow.

  • Stringent Auditing All payments are checked by our auditor monthly. We also have an external auditor that inspects our books quarterly.

  • Handling of Maintenance Issues Our call center is open 24/7. We have a round-the-clock system in place so your life won’t be interrupted by emergency maintenance issues or late night phone calls from tenants. We employ professional maintenance workers to care for all properties under our management, and we have a rigorous selection process in place for all suppliers and service providers. We conduct regular inspections because our philosophy is that it’s better to prevent problems rather than fix them. We keep your property in mint condition to safeguard your investment.

  • Market knowledge Our experts understand the Dubai Real Esatet market inside out; we know the best rental rates to expect, fetching high yields for our clients.

  • Dubai Reale Estate Regulation Our in-house experts keep clients informed about the ever-changing real estate laws in Dubai and the UAE. We are experts in licensing, insurance, tenant-landlord law, fair housing and eviction. Our experience saves you time and helps you avoid costly mistakes.

  • Innovative Operations Systems We have developed and streamlined our Property Managment systems and processes over the past 10 years to eliminate unnecessary costs and wastage.

  • Self Service Landlord Portal Our innovative Landlord Portal allows property owners to easily access all the Property Details they may want and need regarding the status of their property under management. Via a secure, online database of all properties managed by Roots Land, landlords can easily check the status of their property, cash flow and expense statements, and tenant information. The Landlord Portal makes the process of contracting out property management much easier and Roots Land is confident that this platform is contributing to pushing industry benchmarks for ease, innovation and transparency ever higher. Whether you live around the corner or thousands of miles away, our portal means you always know what is going on with your rental property. And if you need anything more, the Roots Land team is just a phone call away!

  • Tenant Self Service Portal Our innovative Tenant Portal allows tenants to easily access all Property Details they need regarding the status of their property under Property Management. Tenant can easily check thier tenancy contract details, request maintance , payemnts status and other .

Property Management Packages Silver Gold Platinum

Leasing Services

Available Property Viewings 7 Days a Week
Advise on Current Market Rate
Screen and Acquire Prospective Tenants
Prepare Tenancy Contract & Ejari Registration

Property Management Services

Perform and Document Move In / Out Inspection
Provide Monthly Itemized Statements
Service charge Updates and payment on behalf of landlord
Collect all Final Utility Bills

FM Services

Planned Preventive Maintenance Contracts
Handle maintenance requests from Tenants
Handle Maintenance Quotations & Tendering
Process & Supervise maintenance work and Job completion
Coordinate with Facility & Building Management
Manage Facilities and Service Contracts

Administration Services

Collect Details & Documents of Tenants
Security Deposit & Rent collection - Chq Management
Prepare New lease contracts & Renewals
Follow up Calls with the Tenant on Default Payments
Security Deposit refund to Tenant


Digital Marketing
Brand marketing: Signage, boards, etc.
Open House Marketing


Dispute Resolution
Advise on Cases and Actions Deemed Necessary
Handle legal cases (free of charge- No Roots charge) However all outward Legal charges to be paid by the landlord (court)
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Why Property Management

Owning and renting properties can be rather stressful on people. The constant watching over and answering tenants needs, the worrying about and dealing with bad tenants and over all care for the property. With property management you preserve your property. The main benefit of property management to owners of houses for rent and other real estate properties is the preservation of their properties. Regular maintenance and repairs ultimately prolong the lifespan of the properties. This translates to a continuous flow of business and income for the owners and the satisfaction of tenants’ needs. Proper property management also adds value to your houses for rent.

We help you to grow your property investment. At Roots Land we are well updated with the information about market conditions that helps you to decide important issues concerning the property such as whether to make a capital expansion or not , renewing a tenant or selling the property etc. The beneficial information offered by us assists you in making the best possible decisions according to the latest market trends thus helping you to avail the benefits from an investment of a lifetime.