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Our Property Valuation experts use their experience and in-depth knowledge of Dubai and the UAE, along with their Dubai Real Estate market and rules and regulations to assist you in determining the right value for your property.

Thorough experts in property valuations in Dubai

Our residential and commercial property valuations in Dubai are undertaken in compliance with accepted valuation concepts, principles and definitions as promulgated in the IVSCs International Valuation Standards (IVS) as set out in the IVS General Standards, IVS Asset Standards and IVS Valuation Applications.

The Valuations are issued in accordance with Global Standards 2017 (the"RICS Red Book") incorporating the International Valuation Standards. issued by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS).

As one of the top property valuation companies in Dubai, our specialized qualified appraisers will advise on the value of completed and off-plan properties and real estate portfolios of:


    Apartment, Duplex, Loft, Penthouse, Townhouse, Villa






    Mixed-use Building




    Retail and Mall


    School, University or other Educational Facility


    Warehouse or other Industrial Property

Reports prepared through commercial and residential property valuation in Dubai can be used for but are not limited to mortgage loans, setting the sale price of the property appraised, defining the rent value of the same, audit purposes, settlement of estates, settlement of properties for divorces or inheritance, tax matters and immigration purposes.

Why is property valuation important?

The valuation of your property is essential as it provides you with an expert and unbiased opinion on the current market value of your asset. It will also help ensure that you are not overpaying for a property you are looking to purchase or selling your property for less than it is currently worth.

A professional property valuation report will also give you an indication of how much your property could be worth in the future, helping you to make informed decisions about whether to buy, sell or hold onto your asset.

Our Strengths – What makes us one of the top valuation companies in Dubai?

Experience: More than 20 years of experience in the UAE Real Estate Market with a focus on the Dubai real estate market, Roots Land perform property valuations daily.

Infinite Market Knowledge: To ensure professionalism and accuracy of our valuations our dedicated research team scrupulously studies the UAE property market.

Global real estate activity: The diversity of real estate services we provide on a daily basis, including sales and leasing, property management, conveyance, and market research, are essential in providing accurate and precise valuations.

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