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Dubai Property Valuation Services

Our Real Estate experts use their experience and in-depth knowledge of Dubai and Abu Dhabi property market and its rules and regulations to assist you in determining the right value to your property.

Our the variety of properties available in the market, and the regular moving of people in and out of residential and commercial spaces, property valuation in UAE

provides owners, buyers, investors and renters with an accurate picture of prices in specific neighbourhoods and districts. Our valuation is based on international standards.

Specialized qualified appraisers are needed to advise on the value of completed and off-plan individual properties and real estate portfolios of:

  • Apartment, Duplex, Loft, Penthouse, Townhouse, Villa and more
  • Hospital
  • Land
  • Mixed-use Building
  • Office
  • Retail and Mall
  • School, University or other Educational Facility
  • Warehouse or other Industrial Property

Valuation reports can be used as the basis for mortgage loans, settling the sale price of the property appraised, defining the rent value of the same, audit purpose, settlement of settling estates and divorces, for tax matters, and so on.

Our Strengths

Experience: with more than 15 year experience in Dubai and Abu Dhabi real estate market Roots Land managers perform valuations on a daily basis.

Infinite Market Knowledge: To ensure professionalism and accuracy of our valuation our dedicated research team scrupulously studies the UAE property market.

Global real estate activity: The diversity of real estate services we provide on a daily basis, including sales and leasing, property management, conveyance, and market research, are essential in providing accurate and precise valuation.

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